LNA, BDA & HPA for Telecom/Mobile & Military

  • BDA

Bi-Directional BDASC

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1 Frequency Range 100 - 900MHz, specific band applicable
2 Maximum Gain 70dB
3 Gain Flatness +/- 2dB
4 Maximum output power (1dB Compression) +22dBm
5 Multi-carrier output Power level (6 x 25KHz Carriers) +12dBm per carrier
6 Maximum Input power with no permanent damage +5dBm
7 Manually set Attenuator Range 31dB/1dB Steps
8 AGC Range 31dB
9 AGC Operation Configured via CLI for either UL/DL or both
10 Noise Figure (max) 4dB
11 P1dB +22dBm
12 OIP3 > +40dBm
13 Input Loss ≥ 9.54dB ( VSWR 2:1 )
14 DC Input Voltage Range DC 11 ~ 28V
15 Min to Max operational current range If different to item 28 please advise
16 Monitored HPA Min to Max operational current range 1A~5A
17 Reverse DC Polarisation protection Yes
18 Input & Output RF Termination Connectors SMA-Female
19 Input DC Power Connector 2 pin 5mm Pheonix with screw lug on both side
20 Output HPA DC Power connectors 2 pin 5mm Pheonix with screw lug on both side
21 + and -ve Polarity Orientation on DC connector as per current models
22 Alarm Relay Connector 3 pin 5mm Pheonix with screw lug on both side
23 Alarm Relay outputs Normally Closed/Common/Normally Open
24 Dimensions (including heatsink) 71mm X 126.3mm x 170mm
25 Mounting Flat surface
26 Mounting hole thread size (metric) M3
27 BDASC Current Detector Low / High Current Alarm
28 Factory Set low and high current detector alarm range 480~780mA
29 LED Power (green) / Alarm (Red)
30 Screen pinted text orientation Heatsink at the top
31 Metalic label information Part & Serial Number
32 Operational Temperature Range -10 to +60 Deg C
33 Ethernet Connectivity RJ45