DDigital 3G/4G/5G ICS Repeater/Booster

  • 4G Digital 33dBm Dual Band ICS Repeater Specification

    Model No. ICS-8121M

A. Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Frequency Range Up Link (RX)  
1.8G: 1755~1775MHz
2.1G: 1960~1980MHz
Downlink (TX)  
1.8G: 1850~1870MHz
2.1G: 2150~2170MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 1.8G: 20 MHz
2.1G: 20MHz (Bandwidth shaould be wild then 19MHz cover W:10MHz &L:10MHz)
Band Enable/Disable By local control(GUI) via MicroUSB cable or Bluetooth
Gain Up Link (RX) 1.8G and 2.1G ≧ 85dB
Down Link (TX) 1.8G and 2.1G ≧ 90dB
Output Power Up Link (RX) ≧ 23dBm@total power for each 1.8G/2.1G
Down Link (TX) ≧ 33dBm@total power for each1.8G/2.1G

B. Common Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Gain Flatness ±1.5 dB (p-p)
Manual Gain Control (Step Attenuation) ≧ 30dB @ 1dB/ Step(independent ATT)
Auto Gain Control ≧ 30dB(independent ATT)
Cancellation Performance LTE:≥ 25dB (Gain = ISO+10 ),WCDMA:≥ 25dB (Gain = ISO+10 )
Group Delay ≦4.5 µs
Noise Figure @UL max gain ≦6 dB
Return Loss ≦ -14dB
Max Input Power without damage ≧ 0dBm
TX / RX Isolation (per port) > 110dB
Frequency Stability ≦ ± 0.01 ppm
Out of Band Gain (Lte) 0.2≦f_offset<1.0 MHz < 60 dB
1.0≦f_offset<5.0 MHz < 45 dB
5.0≦f_offset<10.0 MHz < 45 dB
10.0 MHz≦f_offset < 35 dB
Out of Band Gain (WCDMA) 2.7≦f_offset<3.5 MHz < 60 dB
3.5≦f_offset<7.5 MHz < 45 dB
7.5≦f_offset<12.5 MHz < 45 dB
12.5 MHz≦f_offset < 35 dB
Operating band Unwanted spurious Fully comply with 3GPP 36.106 Chapter 9
Category B requirements (Option 2)
spurious Emission Fully comply with 3GPP 36.106 Chapter 9 ( Caterory B )
Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) ≦ 8%
Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio (ACRR) UL ≧ 20dB(±5MHz & ±10MHz ), DL ≥ 33dB( ±5MHz & ±10MHz )
Input Intermodulation Fully comply with 3GPP 36.106 Chapter 11
Output Intermodulation Fully comply with 2.1GPP 36.106 Chapter 11
RF Connectors Donor x 1/ Service x 1, N-female
Environment Condition IP55
Power Consumption ≦ 200W
Power Plug Taiwan Type
Power Unit AC (100~240V/50~60Hz)(Plug type--1 round pin and 2 flat pins, Taiwan type) to DC adapter with International Safety Approval (CE, GS, CSA, UL, 3C, NSDFI, …)
PSU have current protection. PSU will automatically shutdown when abnormal current is occuring.
PSU have temperature sensing function. When temp of PSU or repeater body is over limit, PSU will automatically shutdown and send alarm via RCU board.
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 55 ℃
Humidity 10~85%
Impedance 50Ω
Dimension 530x300x170mm
Weight <20kg
Local Control & Remote Control 1. Via Micro-USB port to laptop & smart phone, Bluetooth connection function
2. Customized APP only available for clients' equipments.
3. All parameters are adjustable and can be control via USB and bluetooth.
4. Via 3G/4G(support B1,B3,B7,B8) modem at remote site (slot type), IP Function
5.Modem status had a hardware LED if modem & SIM are ready the LED should be Green.
LED Display 1. PA Fail->Red , PA normal -> Dark
2.ISO Alarm =>Red Blinking , ISO Normal => Dark
3. Modem Fail=> Red , Modem Trail=> Green Blinking, Modem Connection=> Green
Material Certificate RoHS
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) > 50,000 Hours
Alarm PA alarm(each 2.1G/1.8G)
Modem Alarm
AC/DC failure
ISO alarm (each 2.1G/1.8G)
Sleeping Mode when UL≤-90dBm, UL PA auto shutdown. And UL PA auto recovery when signal strength≥-90dBm. Adjustable threshold value.
Auto Isolation Check / Auto Shutdown function / Auto Gain Setting Auto Gain Setting according to real iso value
Auto Shutdown
1.function when ISO is not efficient and out of Auto-Gai-Setting range for 3 times and then always shutdown until AC plug-in again
2.The machine should be automatically shut down if over power shooting occurred
Auto ISO check function enables whenever AC plug-in and measure real ISO value (display real time isolation).
PCDE -35 dB at spreading factor 256.