DDigital 3G/4G/5G ICS Repeater/Booster

  • 3G Digital 43dBm Channel Selective ICS Specification

    Model No. ICS-2100X


Parameters Uplink Downlink
Frequency Range 1960-1975MHz 2150-2165MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 15 MHz
Number of channel 1~3CH (3 channels can be each selective and the selected channels can be discontinuous and contiguous)
Nominal channel spacing 5MHz
Cancellation ≧30dB (Gain = ISO + 15dB)
Gain 100dB 100dB
Gain Flatness ≦±1.5dB
Manual Gain Control (Step Attenuation) ≧30dB @ 1dB/ Step
Auto Gain Control ≧30dB
Max Input Power ≧0dBm
Output Power ≧33dBm @ total power ≧ 43dBm @ total power
≧30dBm @ 2CH ≧ 40dBm @ 2CH
Output Power Accuracy Over All Condition ≦±2dB
Frequency Stability ≦±0.01ppm
Out of Band Gain ≦60dB(2.7MHz <= f_offset < 3.5MHz)
≦45dB(3.5MHz <= f_offset < 7.5MHz)
≦45dB(7.5MHz <= f_offset < 12.5MHz)
Input inter-modulation Fully comply with 3GPP 25.106 Chapter 11
Output inter-modulation
Spurious Emission and inter modulation Fully comply with 3GPP 25.106 Chapter 9
Spurious Emission Mask Fully comply with 3GPP 25.106 Chapter 9
Tx/Rx Isolation >100dBc
Error Vector Magnitude(EVM) ≦8% RMS with ICE disable
≦10% RMS with ICE enable(QPSK for Voice)
≦10% RMS with ICE enable(16QAM for HSPA+)
ACRR( Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio )/Downlink >=33dB( ±5MHz & ±10MHz )
ACRR( Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio )/Uplink >=20dB( ±5MHz & ±10MHz )
PCDE ≦-35dB
Noise Figure ≦ 6dB @ Max Gain
Return Loss ≦-14dB
Group Delay ≦ 8us with ICS Disable ;
≦ 10us with ICS Enable
RF Connector DIN-female
Operating Temperature 0℃~60℃
Humidity Allow in 70%~90% humidity operation
Environment Condition IP65 (for outdoor use)
MTBF 50000 hours
Weight ≦35Kg
RCU & Antenna combined loss ≦ 15dB (RCU should be work when donor antenna locate in -85dBm area)
Remote Control Unit Via USB port at local site / Via 2G+3G Dual Band modem at remote site
Backup battery by chargeable battery for wireless modem only
Isolation Detection Function Auto Detection and Display from OMT(GUI
Alarm AGC out of range, PA output power alarm, DC power failure, Door open alarm(if has door), Temperature alarm
Impedance 50Ω
Power unit AC 110~220V, 20% 50~60Hz
EMC Comply with 3GPP TS25.113
Safety Comply with IEC/EN 60 950
Smart Gain Setting Function Graphical display guides users to set up the max gain according to existing isoaltion value for both UL and DL by GUI display
Accessories USB Cable, User Manual, OMT Program in CD